Most Wanted

Room at the Inn depends on the contributions and help of volunteers. Without it, we couldn't do the work we do.

Donations and fundraising is vital to our future, as is the time and services of our volunteers.


Thank you for all the wonderful donations we have received in response to our Autumn appeal. We have had everything from food and drink through to toiletries, warm clothing and sleeping bags.

**We will be pausing acceptance of clothing and other non-food donations from Tuesday 21st December.**

We still welcome food donations and also men's gloves (which we are really short of).

This is to give our team the chance to work through things and focus on providing all the services we do over Christmas and the New Year.

The following food items would still be useful

The food list can be :



Hot chocolate

Biscuits, snacks



Fruit cocktail


Tinned vegetables (peas, carrots, potatoes)

Tinned soup

Any food that can be used to cook full meals


We are always interested to talk to people who can offer a service to the charity.

Please contact us on: 01925 632771